How To Keep Your Bird Cool in Hot Weather!

Parrots naturally come from very warm and humid climates, however that doesn’t stop our pet birds from getting too hot in our homes! Here are our top tips for keeping your bird cool in hot weather: Keep your bird’s water refreshed with cool water throughout the day. Offer regular bathing and misting – if yourContinue reading “How To Keep Your Bird Cool in Hot Weather!”

Signs of a Sick or Ill Bird:

Parrots are prey animals, which means if they show any sign of weakness in the wild, they will be more likely to be attacked by predators. For this reason, our pet birds will also often hide signs of illness for as long as possible until they are very unwell. Becoming familiar with the signs ofContinue reading “Signs of a Sick or Ill Bird:”

DIY Dry Mixes for Parrots!

Dry mixes for parrots are becoming increasingly popular. When the right ingredients are chosen to create a dry mix, you can create a very healthy addition to your bird’s diet. An ideal parrot diet is made from raw, whole foods as this is the most natural and bioavailable approach. Safe vegetables, sprouts, grains, seeds, flowers,Continue reading “DIY Dry Mixes for Parrots!”

Is it okay to let your parrot sit on your head?

There is a longstanding myth that parrots should not be allowed on our shoulders or heads; and that allowing them on our heads is detrimental to our relationship with our feathered companions. This stems from the belief in a concept called ‘Height Dominance’. Height dominance relates to the idea that a parrot is seeking toContinue reading “Is it okay to let your parrot sit on your head?”

Parrot Training Treats: Types and Sizes

When choosing treats to use as positive reinforcement for our birds, we need to take into consideration two things: the type and the size. There are a whole multitude of training treats to offer our birds, but we need to make sure that what we give is actually desirable to them. Otherwise, if they don’tContinue reading “Parrot Training Treats: Types and Sizes”

Passive Bonding: The Overlooked Parrot Bonding Technique

When we bring a parrot home for the first time, it can often be exceptionally exciting. We are all so eager to interact with them and welcome them into our home and family. It’s no surprise that we often end up wanting to directly interact with our new feathered friends by getting them out ofContinue reading “Passive Bonding: The Overlooked Parrot Bonding Technique”

4 More Parrot Chop Recipes!

Creating chop for your bird can be fun, but also time consuming when trying to create a different menu to the previous week. Due to the popularity of our last post, we are sharing another four parrot chop recipes to give you inspiration to include variety and diversity to your parrot’s diet! Chop #5 –Continue reading “4 More Parrot Chop Recipes!”

The Importance of Target Training!

When people talk about parrot training, their thoughts immediately turn to free flight, talking or elaborate tricks. While these things are definitely part of parrot training and can all be enriching for our parrots, they all have the same things in common: they took lots of background work, time, patience and effort before they couldContinue reading “The Importance of Target Training!”

Common Household Dangers for Pet Parrots Part One:

There are many things in and around our homes that pose a risk to our birds. Being aware of these risks can help to keep your bird safe! Non-stick cookware: Any product that contains Teflon, PFOA or PTFE can be extremely dangerous to your bird. When these items are heated up, thy release toxic fumesContinue reading “Common Household Dangers for Pet Parrots Part One:”

Why sleep is so important to your parrot’s health and wellbeing!

We all know what it feels like to wake up grumpy in the morning after not getting enough sleep. That feeling of not wanting to get up and having it impact on our mood throughout the day. It’s not difficult to imagine that parrots are very similar to us, in that a decent amount ofContinue reading “Why sleep is so important to your parrot’s health and wellbeing!”