All About Parrot Poop and Parrot Poop Guide!

We can learn a lot about our parrot’s health by examining their poops. A healthy parrot poop is made up of three components: faeces which are tubular like structures and usually green or brown in colour, urates which are solidified uric acid and are cream or white in colour, and urine which is the liquid part and is colourless.

Normal bird poops shouldn’t have an odour unless it’s the first huge poop of the day, known as the morning poop, or poops that are held in during egg laying. The consistency should be similar to toothpaste and they should be fairly similar in size throughout the day. Different foods can affect the colour of poops, for example beetroot and blueberries may turn poop purple, and red peppers and raspberries may turn poops red.

If you have any concerns about your bird, take them straight to an avian vet. If you need help finding one, drop us a message. You can also have a video consultation with an avian vet via Vetster * for times when you can’t see an avian vet in person. You can use our code BIRDNERD25 for 25% off your first appointment with Vetster *.

We have created a poop chart for you to refer to – this is not a diagnostic tool, but a series of examples of abnormal poops. We would recommend zooming in if you are viewing the chart on your mobile.

*Disclosure: This is an affiliate link, meaning at no cost to you, we will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. The funds will go solely towards food, toys and vet bills for the birds!

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