What are Stress Bars on Bird Feathers?

Stress bars are lines that run horizontally across the width of a feather, and appear as the feather is growing. They are most commonly seen on tail feathers and can be caused by a variety of reasons including: – Nutritional deficiencies– A stressful experience– Trauma to the feather as it’s growing– Illness All of theseContinue reading “What are Stress Bars on Bird Feathers?”

6 Healthy Parrot Chop Recipes!

Here are six of our parrot chop recipes to try with your bird! Don’t forget that diet conversion can take time, repetition and patience so don’t give up! If you need any help with getting your bird on to a healthy diet, consider booking one of our bespoke and affordable consultations! – Spring greens– RocketContinue reading “6 Healthy Parrot Chop Recipes!”

The Do’s and Don’ts of Parrot Training!

Training our pet birds is essential for a variety of reasons. Training allows us to speak in the same language as our parrots, in turn making living together much easier and fulfilling. Training also allows for the voluntary participation in husbandry and veterinary care, as well as exercise and mental stimulation. Here are some ofContinue reading “The Do’s and Don’ts of Parrot Training!”

Step Up Training – Basic Skills!

When we think of parrot training, our thoughts often turn to tricks, targeting, advanced techniques and flight recall. However, one of the most fundamental and ill maintained parts of parrot training is a consistent step up. So why is it so often ill maintained? Why is it so important? Often, when we first get aContinue reading “Step Up Training – Basic Skills!”

How to Keep Your Bird Safe at Christmas!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! So let’s make sure it’s safe for all family members, including our feathered friends. Candles: We all like a cosy vibe during the colder months, however it’s best not to use candles, wax melts or anything else that burns or gives off a scent. Parrots have veryContinue reading “How to Keep Your Bird Safe at Christmas!”

5 Parrot Chop Recipes!

We are back with another five parrot chop recipes to give you inspiration for feeding a raw, whole food diet to your bird! We hope you enjoy creating these meal ideas for your parrot! Chop #1 – Butternut squash including the seeds– Parsnip– Fresh rosemary– Fresh dill– Sugar snap peas– Broccoli– Green bell pepper includingContinue reading “5 Parrot Chop Recipes!”

Parrot Training Pace and Results!

Something we often see crop up when it comes to working with and training our parrots is the expectation and drive for quick results. It’s something we as humans can be guilty of and every parrot trainer out there has had moments where they wanted or expected training or bonding to go quickly. Given theContinue reading “Parrot Training Pace and Results!”

Pumpkins for Parrots!

It’s pumpkin season! One of our favourite times of the year, and you can get your bird involved in the festivities too by offering pumpkin to them! Pumpkins are packed full of nutrition including lots of vitamin A which is essential for eye health. Many pet birds are deficient in vitamin A so it’s importantContinue reading “Pumpkins for Parrots!”

Think Outside the Bowl: Different Ways to Feed Your Bird!

More often than not, we feed our birds in the same way – in their bowls in the same location. Whilst there isn’t anything wrong with this, we can create a more enriching and naturalistic feeding experience for them by encouraging foraging and curiosity. Using enriching feeding methods can mentally and physically stimulate our birds;Continue reading “Think Outside the Bowl: Different Ways to Feed Your Bird!”

Consent and It’s Importance In Parrot Training!

Consent has been a bit of a buzz word in the world of us humans for a while. It has been applied to human interactions, working with children, and more recently with other animal species such as dogs. It comes as no surprise that consent is also very important when we are working closely withContinue reading “Consent and It’s Importance In Parrot Training!”