5 Parrot Chop Recipes!

We are back with another five parrot chop recipes to give you inspiration for feeding a raw, whole food diet to your bird! We hope you enjoy creating these meal ideas for your parrot! Chop #1 – Butternut squash including the seeds– Parsnip– Fresh rosemary– Fresh dill– Sugar snap peas– Broccoli– Green bell pepper includingContinue reading “5 Parrot Chop Recipes!”

4 More Parrot Chop Recipes!

Creating chop for your bird can be fun, but also time consuming when trying to create a different menu to the previous week. Due to the popularity of our last post, we are sharing another four parrot chop recipes to give you inspiration to include variety and diversity to your parrot’s diet! Chop #5 –Continue reading “4 More Parrot Chop Recipes!”

4 Parrot Chop Recipes!

Making parrot chop is one of our favourite things to do. It allows us to get creative with trying new ingredients in order to provide a diverse diet to our birds! It can be easy to get stuck in a rut of making the same vegetable combination over and over again, so today we areContinue reading “4 Parrot Chop Recipes!”