Sophie and David are so knowledgeable and personable. I thoroughly enjoyed our video consult. We live in Australia and they were very accommodating with the time difference. They even went above and beyond sourcing a suggested Australian website to purchase my bird food from.

I’ve dealt with a lot of animal trainers over the years for horses, dogs and birds and can say that I felt very relaxed with Sophie and David. I never felt like I was being judged or had any silly questions. It was like talking to 2 extremely knowledgeable friends about our bird. Thank you again.

Bridget, Nick & Zazu

I truly appreciate the support and knowledge Sophie and David provided during my recent consultation. They were extremely helpful and had many great suggestions and strategies to help my parrotlet with feather barbering. From diet and sleep schedule to training and enrichment inside and outside of the cage, I know their customized action plan will benefit Rocky and help him to thrive. I’m already seeing progress in just a few days of implementing some of the training aspects of their plan. I highly recommend their consultation services to anyone who has a parrot with behavior issues as well as anyone who simply wants to do everything they can to improve their parrot’s life.

Fran & Rocky

10/10 Recommend 

I discovered Sophie and David on youtube and when it came to helping me improve my care for my parrots they were a huge staple in that. I recently adopted my first male cockatiel and I was a little intimidated and less confident in my ability to train him and help him adjust in a new environment. I reached out to Sophie and David for an action plan and they responded very quickly and sent me an action plan that was easy to understand and extremely helpful. I’m excited to implement it with my flock. Thank you!

Adara & Horus

I am so grateful for Sophie and David! I booked a consultation with them for my cockatiel, Mojo, to work on her hormonal behavior and building more trust with my husband. Sophie and David took the time to understand our problems and give us a detailed action plan for Mojo that included everything from diet advice to training/bonding activities. They were so caring and knowledgeable, and it was a fantastic experience. Mojo is making good progress, and my life is much less stressful. I would recommend Sophie and David to any bird owner, new or experienced!

Adrianna & Mojo

Our Green Cheek conure was a rescue bird and has been a screamer for the 3 years we have had him but nothing we did seemed to help. I thought I had exhausted everything and we have even spoken about re-homing him which is a last resort for us as we are both really attached to him. It would be heartbreaking to see him go so after watching a couple of videos on youtube from Sophie and David we decided to have a consultation. Our issues were listened to and we were given some great advice that makes so much sense. We were given advice on his cage, his diet and how to react to his incessant screaming. It has given me renewed hope and something to aim for. They are both extremely knowledgeable, just check their youtube videos ,  and I cannot recommend them enough. Very good value for money. I hope to be able to update you in the coming months with a success story 

Lee & Iggy

Fern is my adorable treasured friend and I would highly recommend David and Sophie. We are already making changes and even improving her diet at 23. I never thought she would drink Avian teas and although she is still on seed I have had great recommendations which we are trying out. Her food bowl looks more colourful now! Thanks to you both!

Nicola & Fern

I rescued a cockatiel that has been through lots of trauma, this is the start of a long journey but now I know what that journey will look like. Big shout out to Sophie and David. Definitely use again.

Charlotte & Bumble

I recently had a consultation with David and Sophie to ask for help with returning my caique to her cage independently. Their advice was spot on and did the trick!

I like the fact that even tho the consultation is finished they are still happy to answer any of my questions.

It was so lovely to talk to people who are as crazy as I am about parrots!

I definitely would recommend them!

Kate & Dotty

I had a bespoke consultation with Sophie and David to work on a particular issue – my Indian Ringneck parrot who loves to bite hands. Not only did they provide me with training to combat this behaviour, they looked at my bird’s life holistically and provided advice on nutrition, enrichment, cage design, training, and also took the effort to provide me with training links and links to stores in my area that could provide me with food/equipment needed. I would highly recommend these guys; they are so lovely and just want the best for us and our bird friends!

Holly & Nova

I had a great consultation with Sophie and David some days ago! They were awesome, answered all my questions and provided loads of ideas and training input! I would immediately book another consultation if necessary!

Karin and Poppy & Jinx

Had a consultation with Sophie and David yesterday, I cannot recommend them enough they took into account all our concerns and anxieties and created us a really clear plan to move forward with for our lovely alexandrine boy who’s come to us in a bit of a bad way. They have provided us with extensive diet advice, advice about cage set up and training, the training advice and plan just really clicked and made so much sense where we were really stuck at how we move to the next stage prior to our consultation, we now have a really good understanding of not just the technique but the behaviours and responses we want to be looking for. They made us feel really at ease, a lovely couple who not only have a wealth of knowledge to impart but obviously really love and are dedicated to giving people proper advice and education on giving our little feather babies the healthiest and happiest lives! Thankyou to you both and we look forward to sharing our/Marvin’s progress with you!

Kat & Marvin

Best Behaved Birds is an amazing service! I had a consultation a little while ago for my budgie, Blueberry, who has hormonal issues. I just cant emphasize how valuable it was! Sophie and David prepared an extremely thorough action plan of a variety of things for me to work on with him, covering everything from training advice, diet conversion recommendations, and additional ways I could change my husbandry to help him be less frustrated. They provided so much research- and experience-based knowledge that was brand new to me and is not readily available online (there’s a lot of bad info out there, so they were able to make things much clearer!). They were also extremely quick and offered me a TON of info in only 30 minutes. It really exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend Best Behaved Birds without a second thought to anyone who wants personalized advice about their bird.

Elyssa & Blueberry

Sophie and David have provided us with lots of helpful ideas to help us with training, diet and behaviour for our cockatiel boys. It was useful to chat and to have all the information provided afterwards (saved having to remember!). As well as a personalised consult, Sophie and David have provided so many really useful YouTube videos for free so anyone can learn to care for their birds. Us bird owners owe a debt of gratitude! Louis and Charlie say thanks for educating their humans.

Leanne & Louis and Charlie

I had a fantastic consultation with Best Behaved Birds as I have recently been struggling with diet conversion, bonding and training with my newly acquired Budgie. They were extremely thorough in breaking everything down into manageable steps, and great explaining how to go about building on our new plan of action. 
Best Behaved Birds are an excellent team who made sure all my questions were answered and that I understood everything they were explaining. For the entire hour, it was jam packed with useful information and left with all of that in the action plan provided so I wouldn’t forget everything. 

I have come away motivated and armed with lots of new ideas that will keep me very busy with my Budgie.

Krystal & Twinkle

It was so wonderful to have Best Behaved Birds look at my specific situation and questions. Their action plan covered everything with care and consideration while going beyond and providing excellent info that any person living with parrots could benefit from. They gave me confidence with their wealth of knowledge and commitment to parrot care and provided an affordable trusted place for any concerns or questions to be met with great heart.

Michelle & Opal and Nori

These guys are incredible. Their knowledge, enthusiasm and passion is fantastic. I’ve watched plenty of their videos which have helped alot but having the 1.1 consultation gave me the confidence I need that I am doing right by my bird. They also gave loads of helpful tips and tricks. I love the holistic approach of finding what works for individual birds and that’s what Sophie and David can bring to the table. Thank you again. Highly recommend.

Meg & Putin

Had a 1 hour, Consultation with Sophie and David of Best Behaved Birds. It was absolutely wonderful, they are so knowledgeable about birds and so willing to share that knowledge, catering to your specific issues with your birds. Just to have another person’s prospective on issues I am having with my birds, as I was getting in a bit of a rut for ideas, I came away thinking, ‘Wow, that makes so much sense’.  Very professional, pleasant and so organised. I live in Australia, they sorted out day and times to suit all of us, the whole experience from start to finish was such an easy process for me. Thinking all that organising is different story for Sophie and David, but they do it so well.  A lot of information to take in, but they also send you an Action plan, all written up, so you have all the help you’ve spoken about in front of you, just awesome. The new training ideas they gave me started today. 
Can’t recommend Best Behaved Birds highly enough. Excellent!!

Kris & Maple and Yuki

Amazing service! we can’t recommend Sophie and David enough, easy to understand steps and advise with so much knowledge and experience thrown in. Can’t wait to put it into practice!

Louise & Bobby

Absolutely amazing. they have literally talked me through everything and the good thing is that after the video call they are still there to help with any questions. where as normally you would then have to pay again. I highly recommend

Rachel & Kiki

We had a great consultation with Sophie and David a couple of weeks ago for our cockatiel, Whisper. Their guidance and suggestions have been so helpful. Can’t tell you how grateful I am for you service and videos.

Joy & Whisper

I cannot recommend Sophie and David enough! I had a single consultation that involved some prep work on their part, so it felt very thorough. They came up with a fantastic, personalized plan to address our issues, everything we couldn’t figure out by doing years of online research. Six months later, I am still following their advice and we have less screaming, less hormones and less anxiety in our tiny flock. I can guarantee that Sophie and David’s methods are researched, evidence-based, non-punitive, and will absolutely center your birds’ wellbeing.

Deliana & Sterling

Had a great consult with best behaved birds. They are so knowledgeable and approachable. Frank is getting better everyday with their help. And if I have a question they always reply very quickly and never judgementally but help and point you in the right direction. Would definitely recommend.

Francesca & Frank

Sophie and David were really helpful and knowledgeable and planned our consultation well. We looked at my birds diet, encouraging him to play with toys and working on his confidence. We started to make progress within in a week. I would really recommend Best Behaved Birds.

Jet & Enzo

Thank you guys for the help. Your advice was much needed and I’m glad someone with more experience than me told me I’m doing a good job. I cannot wait to take on the advice and make progress with my cockatiels. Thank you!

Maury & Soya

I booked a consultation with Sophie and David as soon as I had a date set to bring home my baby cockatiel. I wanted to be sure that we started off the bonding process properly so I could gain his trust from the very beginning. Sure enough, when I brought him home, he showed me that he was incredibly afraid of me and his new environment. Lots of hissing and flapping just from me being present in the room. Luckily, Sophie and David had a wonderfully planned out step by step process for how to build trust with him. Three days after our consult, my bird is now climbing up onto my hand to eat treats from me. Not to mention, they also went over proper diet and cage set up as well even though that wasn’t our main focus – I loved how thorough they were. Both are very knowledgeable and answered all questions I had in detail. Overall very pleasant experience, and I’m very happy with our current results!

Elisabeth & Kirby

I feel so much more confident after speaking with Sophie & David on our consultation for my rescue parakeet. They were lovely to speak to and very knowledgeable, I felt that they really took into account Marvel’s specific needs and came up with detailed and informative plan that has helped me progress with him and form a stronger bond. I highly recommend best behaved birds!

Sophie & Marvel

After finding Sophies videos on YouTube which provided sensible, realistic and practical advice for training and looking after conures we asked them to help us out with our hormonal bird Milo! They put so much time and work in to the pre- consultation details and were just lovely when we got to speak with them for over Zoom. The action plan came through later that day and we’ve been able to start implementing many of the changes already. Thank you to you both.

Vicki, Andy & Milo

I don’t know where I would be right now if I didn’t have Sophie’s knowledge and help. I was going to be bringing home 2 male Cockatiels and before getting them home I had SOOOO many questions which Sophie answered and gave me real great advice from what to feed my boys, to how to set up their cage, to what to do with them their first days home. She helped me with EVERYTHING!!!! I know I am a better birb mommy because of her. My boys live in a mansion that is fabulously decorated. They eat the best pellets and chop. She is just fabulous. She is so knowledgeable and open to answer your every question. If you need help with a new bird or a problem bird you just adopted, or maybe a bird you have had for a long time Sophie can help you with them. I will continue going to Sophie for all my boys needs as I trust her more than anyone else.

Madlen & Dino and Rex

Sophie and David from Best Behaved Birds gave us amazing feedback/help for our budgie and cockatiel. They provided thoughtful insight and links that addressed all of our concerns! We felt like we could ask any and all questions without feeling as if some of them were silly and obvious. It made us feel more secure in our set up and care habits. We greatly appreciate their expansive knowledge and will definitely be using them again!

Sarah & Peewee and Billie

We have a rescue Quaker Parrot who came to us with a lot of social issues due to neglect. Sophie had been so incredibly helpful, and has offered us so much advice to help bring Cuno out of his shell. She will always be the first person we go to if we have questions or need help tackling a particular issue. Highly recommended, and if she can help us with our crazy bird she can help anyone!

Sally & Cuno

I dont do facebook due to working with so many families and children… so here is an email review. If you are in anyway thinking ‘what? How? Why? Who?’ about your new feathery friends I would absolutely recommend a consult with Best Behaved Birds. Sophie and David are a team with so much experience and expertise coupled with super friendly and professional attitudes. They are very thorough and responsive. Looking at the whole picture through an expert lens gives you a fresh perspective and the confidence to know where you are and how to get where you want to be with your birds. Very much a team effort. The follow up support is fantastic. To be able to ask those questions and know you are going to get sensible answers quickly is excellent.  I love their video tutorials and footage of Chip, Fish, Olive and Scampi and Pickles. You can see their theory in action. Their care and dedication to turn round rescue birds and train young birds is a model for me to be realistic with my baby boys and understand.  Birds are not like bringing home a hamster. Birds are like having a full on puppy. You need the help of people like Sophie and David to set you on the path to success. THANK YOU FROM ME and THANK YOU FROM PEBBLE and BISCUIT! Happy boys, happy me! 

Lucy & Pebble and Biscuit