How to Keep Your Bird Safe at Christmas!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! So let’s make sure it’s safe for all family members, including our feathered friends. Candles: We all like a cosy vibe during the colder months, however it’s best not to use candles, wax melts or anything else that burns or gives off a scent. Parrots have veryContinue reading “How to Keep Your Bird Safe at Christmas!”

Common Household Dangers for Pet Parrots Part One:

There are many things in and around our homes that pose a risk to our birds. Being aware of these risks can help to keep your bird safe! Non-stick cookware: Any product that contains Teflon, PFOA or PTFE can be extremely dangerous to your bird. When these items are heated up, thy release toxic fumesContinue reading “Common Household Dangers for Pet Parrots Part One:”