Think Outside the Bowl: Different Ways to Feed Your Bird!

More often than not, we feed our birds in the same way – in their bowls in the same location. Whilst there isn’t anything wrong with this, we can create a more enriching and naturalistic feeding experience for them by encouraging foraging and curiosity.

Using enriching feeding methods can mentally and physically stimulate our birds; and busy birds are those that are less likely to exhibit undesirable behaviours.

If your bird isn’t used to feeding from anything but their usual bowl, you might need to encourage them or train them to interact with foods in different ways. It’s good practice to weigh your bird regularly to make sure they are still eating when you present foods in different ways, as well as for monitoring their overall health.

Here are some of our favourite ways to feed our flock:

Vegetable kabobs and skewers:

Paper plates:

Foraging toys:

Whole food items:

Growing foods:

Sprigs of herbs or leafy greens to hold:

We would love to hear from you if you have an enriching way of feeding your bird – let us know in the comments below!

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