How To Keep Your Bird Cool in Hot Weather!

Parrots naturally come from very warm and humid climates, however that doesn’t stop our pet birds from getting too hot in our homes!

Here are our top tips for keeping your bird cool in hot weather:

  • Keep your bird’s water refreshed with cool water throughout the day.
  • Offer regular bathing and misting – if your bird doesn’t like to bathe, check out our video on how to train them to enjoy it:
  • Keep your parrot cool by using fans and air conditioning if you have it. Make sure that the fan isn’t pointing directly at them, and avoid using ceiling fans if your bird is having out of cage time. Also, ensure that your air conditioning unit is cleaned regularly to avoid mould spores forming.
  • Offer birdie ice lollies – freeze fruit and vegetables into ice cube trays.
  • When your bird is having in cage time, open the windows to get some fresh air in. Don’t have your bird out when your windows are open unless you have secure screen coverings – even a tame and bonded bird can spook and accidently fly out of the house.
  • Make a birdie smoothie – blend fruit, vegetables and ice together for a tasty, cooling treat!
  • When exercising your bird through flight, dancing, or any other method, do this in the coolest parts of the day which are usually first thing in the morning and in the evening before bed.
  • Use blackout blinds in rooms where the sun hits first thing in the morning as this will stop as much heat coming in to your home for you and your bird!
  • Cold brew avian teas in the fridge the night before for a refreshing and healthy drink – always make sure your bird has access to fresh water as well as any other drink you provide.

Let us know if you have any other tips to keep our birds cool in hot weather in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “How To Keep Your Bird Cool in Hot Weather!

  1. Do you have anything in writing about how to teach your bird to enjoy a bath? YouTube is a terrible platform, and I won’t watch video on it.


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